I’m excited on this particular blog post because today makes it four years exactly since I started blogging, giving you content consistently and creating a safe enough space for you in the wild internet.

I’m also excited because we launched the Second Edition of our lifestyle magazine today. Double celebration.

You can buy it with a tap on the image

My team and I put together a wonderful piece that is going for just a token and I can’t wait for you to buy it, read it and tell me the piece you’re going to read first.

From love to sex, relationships, faith, feminism, branding, networking, millennials and gen z, health, job and migration opportunities and information, africa aesthetics and food… We did justice to our theme and trust me, “you must actually learn something new”.

I’ll be waiting for your feedback in the comment section. Let’s talk controversies and personal opinions that differ on the project if there are any😊

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