Hi guys,

Today, I wanted to share my experience from my first field assessment. So I’ve always wanted to be in a position in life where I cannot just talk about things but see them for myself, be practical about them and have conversations with people going through them and I got the chance.

Prior to the International Women’s day 2021, the company I work for in partnership with Pad-Up Nigeria decided to do a sensitization program in Kabusa, Abuja, Nigeria so I went to do a survey. Long story short, I didn’t know how to feel after I was done.

Clusters of people, extremely poor and dirty environment, no good school at all, no glaring hope, people just surviving each day and I thought to myself, honestly, what is the Nigerian dream?

These people live below minimum wage, these same people will sell their votes for rice and money and it is only now I see how idealistic and easy it is to tell them not to because we can’t relate to their reality. The politics of poverty weaponization really in play.

In conclusion, I’ve come to realize that while the opportune are trying to find their purpose on earth, to the less privileged, purpose is survival. The only thing left to say is, try not to take your eyes away from humanity. God help us.

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