P.s: This ain’t gonna be a bible study though. You can read up on Father Abraham in your spare time or whenever I decide to talk about him.

So guys, I’m about to do some digging in your hearts and well, I don’t know if you’re ready for this but I’m still bringing it to your table regardless.

A lot of times you find that you want to pursue a dream, career path, lifestyle etc and you just don’t know. Well…

Maybe faith is courage in uncertainties

Maybe it is trusting and hoping in the unknown

Maybe it is readiness in the obvious invincible

Maybe it is doing nothing when you feel you’re supposed to be doing something but you have not the slightest idea…

(Don’t steal my definitions) lol

It’s funny how I can go on because I just discovered that though faith has its foundations in “absoluteness” in God, it doesn’t change the fact that it’ll come up in different needs and phases in our lives.

To some, it might look like it, to others, they may just feel stuck in oblivion and have no idea where to go or start from. To some it might be, after so much faith I put in it, I lost out. Well, here’s another definition of faith… (don’t give up)

So I’m asking…

What’s that one thing you need faith for?

How badly do you need it?

Why do you need faith for it?

What is faith to you?


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