Dear Lord,

When I feel you took something away from me and I’m still hurting.

Help me to trust that you’re bringing better.

Beyond trusting,

Help me to let go.

Grant my memories peace and redefine my perception of perfection.

Show me that there can be better

Teach me to the art of sacrificing the now for tomorrow.

Show me what lies ahead as my consolation

Teach me to place your will above my wants

Hold my hands and guide me.

On days were I’m fighting the tears and looking up so they don’t drop,

Wipe them for me from heaven

On the days were I let the tears roll and my head is bent down,

Come through for me as the lifter of my head.

Sweet spirit,

Don’t stop whispering

I like the calm of your voice in my rage, confusion and anger.

I like the peace and assurance that comes when you say “you’ve got this, you can do it, you’re almost there, trust me”

Don’t stop whispering Lord,

Don’t stop,

And when I can’t hear you…

Please go the extra mile, have mercy and come through.

You’ll most likely relate

Have an Amazing Wednesday❤️


  1. It’s the extra mile portion for me.
    And God help see the miracles that are without a doubt still ever present today for me. 🙏


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