He said ” When you sing, my mind lets go of me. It stops controlling me. Something intense starts rising from my heart. Tears fill up my eyes. I still remember the first time I felt that. My heart started beating like a dog when it sees his master, his friend, come home after a very long time. You brought me home. You gave me happiness to an amount which I could never repay.

I could sense my heart beating, dancing in its own world. It never felt that full. It never felt that complete. Eyes never sparkled like it did that day. Something so amazing that you thank God for the life he had given you and to have made you cross paths with a beautiful flower while I am the rain.

She liked the rain. Who would like the rain? But there she was, under water, upside down, looking right up the sky, grey and dull, with her eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the rain drops hitting the water. When she opened her eyes, with a smile beautiful enough to light the sky, all the rain could do was look at her in amazement. Well, I guess that’s what forever looks like. The rain looked at its reflection in the water and realised, for the first time, how good it looked. No no, it was her. She made it look good. So good.

You love the flower so much, for the happiness it gave you, that you pour down so the flower grows more and more beautiful. You so want to be the reason that you endlessly pour down. The rain is blinded by the flower’s thoughts. The broad smile as it danced with the wind. Moving from one place to another with such elegance. Everything fell short in front of it. Your feet starts moving. The rain doesn’t want to stop. But as time passes by, with too much love, the flower bright as always doesn’t have bright background. The rain realises what it has done. Guilt fills you up. You are thinking you can’t have all the happiness.

While it endlessly sparkles, you can only make things grey. You have to disappear for it to appear in front a million eyes. You have to disappear for the sun to appear. You have to disappear for you want to see it shine brighter than anything else, for you want to see the smile you had to be present everywhere. You have to disappear for it be happy. The rain leaves with a little smile, with a drizzle. The rain stopped raining. Its tears are its silence. Disappear.
‘Rain rain go away eh!
I’ll miss you so much!’

Written by: Abhilash Lakshmipathi

Personally, I think the writer used elements to personify his relationship. Such a beautiful piece that makes you wonder how deep some peoples souls are or how you’ve barely scratched the surface of yours.

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