TGIF and Happy New Month!

Today, christians all over the world are celebrating Easter. Which signifies the death and resurrection of Christ, the establishment of true Christianity, the establishment of Jesus as the mediator of the new covenant (Hebrews 9:15)

April signifies liberty. Liberty from the laws that held us bound in the old covenant, liberty from ignorance, liberty yet explored in Christ. In this new covenant, the curtains to the holy of holies are ripped apart, we have direct access to the throne room, we can come as we are, we can cling to the cross and experience true mercy, sacrifice, help and exchange our burdens through our saviors blood.

It’s a time to reflect, be solemn and remember the process that got us to were we are today. It is a time to ask If we are living below that understanding as Christians or walking in it?

Are we truly exercising our liberty in will and deeds? If you’re yet to come to cross, Funke Adejumo says there’s not one way to Jesus that’s why the cross has four entrances. The most important thing is to come.

Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me my sins. I surrender my self to you. Accept me as your child and be in charge of my life.

If you said the prayer and you want to reach out feel free to hit the link below.


Happy Easter!!!

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