It’s Mid-Week and yes the first quarter is over and although we just stepped into the 4th month, it’s safe to say this is also a new beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Some of us have procrastinated all the things we said we were going to start at the beginning of the year and with each month that passes, we tell ourselves “the year is still new, there is still time, I’m still on track”

Procrastination can make you blind to the fact that some projects need to kickstart four months ahead because finalizing is where the work is. So if you started January, you would be rounding up now. However, if you’re yet to start, you still have quite a process.

Go back to your vision board, new year resolution, self development list etc and compare if you’re truly living it out. Check yourself if you’ve been achieving one day at a time or you’ve been unnecessarily and “unpurposefully” busy.

May this month bring to us laughter, rejoicing, happiness, celebration and every good thing that puts a smile across our faces and so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen!


  1. What a beautiful post and a nice reminder to keep pushing forward or keep procrastinating and just start from the very beginning. Thank you. I think I also have been “too busy” for some of my projects and I need to get back to my vision board.

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