I know I know, you don’t like hearing this question but just maybe, it’s the approach and the setting that makes your perspective of it unable to receive it and fully understand it.

Let me help you out…What next?

To a recent graduate, it COULD be getting a job or furthering their degree.

To a single lady it COULD be getting married or pursuing career.

To a married woman, it COULD be trying to conceive.

To a mother with grown ass children, it COULD be touring the world with her man or picking up a new skill for the fun of it.

To a career man, it COULD be wanting a particular position.

To a creative, it COULD be working with particular brands or creating more.

To an NGO, it COULD be more impact or awareness

The list is long but one thing stands out through all the examples.

The question “What Next” is dependent on seasons and phases.

News flash guys, the type of season or phase you’re in is not fixed. Most times, you never have an idea. You just walk into it and experience it.

Most often than not, you have already envisaged the NEXT STAGE/LEVEL but there could be slight hitches hindering it and then someone pops the question, “WHAT NEXT?” You prolly want to tell this person but you’re looking at the delays and you just say “I’m still waiting it out, I’m not sure yet, let’s see how things go, when I get to the bridge” AND THAT’S OKAY!!!

You can’t always control your seasons and phases. What you can control, is your mindset towards the plan you already set. No matter the delay, trust you’ll get there. Funny how the delays may even make for better planning, executing and strategizing. Use every single positive and negative to your advantage and everything will be JUST FINE.

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