I know you’re not new to words like

“Be complete in your self” “You are Enough”

“If they don’t like you the way you are, then they’re not for you, show them the door”

Shhhhhhh. All that ginger, please calm down.

It’s easy to say, this post is about not knowing everything and that sometimes you’re actually NOT enough but relevant and valid as it might be, it’s still very cliche.

You’ll also agree with me that the word “Enough” is relative. It is mostly looked at in terms of contentment and satisfaction. We can’t emphasize it enough in all round growth but how about we talk about it in accomplishments.

Sometimes, we’re ignorant of how we shortchange our self from the original plan God has for us. So we reach a certain height, achieve a feat we “believe” is great and then we tell ourselves, “I’ve tried here, I cannot comman die, it’s not only me, Linda Ikeji no do pass this one”

We give ourselves reasons to justify our reluctancy and laziness and change the narrative to look like we’re just being humble and content. Some of us know the actual truth, some are just lying to themselves.

This weekend, my question to you: “is your enough genuinely content or otherwise?


  1. My “enough” is me telling the voices in my head to shut up because I am going to push through regardless.


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