Mickey drove the car into the garage frustrated at a lot of things. At first glance his subconscious reacted like he couldn’t place it but he knew the full blown truth was that if he thought hard, he would start identifying problems, challenges, situations and all those piled up negative things that were still there.

Alighting from his car and moving into his house, someone passing by would think he was crazy.

“I’m tired, what is life, why am I hurting, why so much pain, why can’t I live like other human beings, why are my decisions not aligning with the life I want to live, what is all this…”

Screaming and pacing around his living room in agitation, he eventually threw his laptop bag against the wall. After which he slumped on the ground in his double breasted suit and tie…

Grrrrr Grrrrrr Grrrrrrr

The telephone buzzed from his pocket.

It was Jack his close friend.

Adjusting his countenance…

“Hey man, whatsup, what’s happening?”

“Yoooo, I’m good bruh, just got home not to long ago, tryna set up some shii around and order dinner”

“Okay cool, just checking to see if you’re okay mahn, that’s all”

“You tripping, I’m good, I’ll ring you tomorrow to discuss some new business”

“Aii, cool, safe bro”

Beep… and the call came to an end.

Mickey’s crib was in total disarray. He was literally a shadow of himself. Still tired and worn out, he managed to find an old picture that looked nice from his gallery.

He posted it up on his gram with a caption that read.

“Hard work makes the dream work. Gotta get up everyday and grind like it’s your last. You’ve only got one shot at this life and you don’t know when it’ll be. Make everyday count and live in every moment like your last breath depends on it”

The likes started coming in and the comment section buzzing.

Mickey tossed his phone to the bed and rhetorically he stated again, “what was life?”

Written by Lois Tarikabor

Hi guys, I hope this original story compensates for the podcast missed. I hope you read in between the lines and start going the extra mile to check up on your friends. TGIF!


  1. Can you blame him??? Nobody wants to see or know how you’re getting up the ladder. They just wanna see the shine; only after which they’ll relate with you 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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