Hi guys, I know I’ve been a little bit unstable but you have not the slightest idea the amount of hands I have currently. Yes, you didn’t guess wrong [2] but so many other things just kick start my day and well, it is what it is so let’s talk.

I was trying to arrange my clothes during the week and it was dark. I put on my torch which was very bright and then I just threw the clothes from the bed to the chair on top of the torch and due to the volume of clothes, I couldn’t see the light again and so it made me ask the question “what is the intensity of your light?”

Are you someone who has a lot of light and then you surround yourself with people that do not align with your vision? We need to understand that in a relative world, darkness cannot be exempted from being relative.

People that do not align with your vision sometimes when surrounded with you are just darkness in a different form and if your light is not strong enough, you lose focus, you lose direction, you lose vision and then purpose eventually walks out of the door.

Maybe you need to take this weekend out to evaluate. I know, I know it’s TGIF BUT just maybe you need to sit yourself down and start asking the right questions. Start checking the people around you and start taking a second look at your vision. Most importantly, start asking yourself how strong your light is how you can be able to re-enforce it to weather future storms.



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