It’s mid-week guys and not to not take responsibility of why I have struggles letting go of certain things but I’m sure most of you can relate to the fact that;

Sometimes in the bid to love people we hurt them. For whatever reason why it’s so, they can’t speak up, they just take it in and try to understand. So layers and layers of hurt keep piling up. Maybe they eventually speak up and you apologize and tell them to let go. But…

How do you destroy a house built on a foundation and expect the house to keep standing? How do you tell someone to let go of an act that changed the person and now you want to person to change back like there’s some body control switch…

It’s so easy to say “let go” to your friend, partner, colleague etc and yes everybody wants to play the victim. Everybody wants to only see their own side. Everybody wants to justify their actions as good and state their reasons why what they did was necessary. Then eventually say “I’m sorry”

I don’t think the apology changes anything, not even the actions behind the apology. Being diplomatic about the fine line that exist between emotional and realistic boundaries never solved a thing in my opinion.

Forgiveness works also but who says forgiveness is void of duplicate consequences? The forgiven bearing the burden of painful memories; the forgiver reaping in action the momentarily/long lasting exhibits of the forgiven.

Will they ever come to a place of shared pain? A place where the pain is balanced out? A place where each party can view the same pain experientially? Will they ever be that lucky?

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