TGIFFFFFFF!!! If you know me pretty well, tou prolly read this in my excited voice. So, it’s Friday and I was looking for what to tell you guys. Oh, I have a good number of posts drafted up but none of the messages felt like it and I just thought to drop this here.

A lot of things have been going on in Nigeria. Maybe beyond Nigeria, wherever you’re reading this from. Could be insecurity, unemployment, frustration, things aren’t going on as planned, heart break, divorce, academic stress, emotional dilemmas. Whatever the case is. The message remains unchanged LET NOTHING STEAL YOUR JOY!

Reacting to life’s situation is the magic most people don’t seem to know how to perform and yes, we don’t always get it right every time. I was in my final year (undergrad) trying to navigate so many things and for the first time, I saw a counsellor. She didn’t tell me anything new but I needed to just hold on to a word she was going to say and cling to it for my sanity. She told me “Lois, don’t let anything steal your joy”

Ooh the road hasn’t been smooth but I’ve had this joy consciousness for a long long time. Regardless of how many times I fall, mess up, beat myself up; I ask God for help, get up and keep my joy moving. Refuse to let the devil have the last laugh over your destiny. CHOOSE JOY everyday and keep hoping even when it doesn’t look like it. You’d be surprised the outcome.

So this weekend and beyond, I’m telling you to write these words down, set it as your reminder and meditate on it constantly “I REFUSE TO ALLOW ANYTHING STEAL MY JOY”

Have an amazing weekend❤️

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