All those guys that be doing shakara when ladies shoot their shot, this story is for you. Ladies, we win today. I’m smiling 😂

Written by Aditya Adi

He doesn’t remember it exactly. it was maybe 5-6 years ago. he first saw her. It was not love at first sight type of thing but still it was something. there was some connection.

They both were polar opposites. One liked to have fun , the other maintained a strict routine in her life. in the beginning they had lots of fights , lots of arguments with each other. the boy, in a way was quite irritated with the girl. but he knew that from the insde they had a connection but surely it was not love he thought.

A year passed by, the boy gradually realised that although she was different, she was not a bad person. He started to grow a fondness towards her. They would talk with each other more frequently and shared their views and opinions. The boy was enjoying his life , infact this was the best phase of his life. fun with friends, no tension whatsoever and ofcourse the girl but even then he knew he was not in love.

But as they say nothing lasts forever; The inevitable drew closer as the boy had to go out for his studies. They met each other for the last time, when the girl confessed her love for the boy he was dumbfounded and didn’t how to react. He said that he obviously likes her and respects her but doesn’t have that love feeling for her. She asked for his contact number to which he refused and said he didnt wanted any kind of distractions in his studies. He also asked her not to contact him on networking sites as such.

Years went by as they continued their life but something from the inside always bothered the boy. He was never so sure of his decision back then and now the suspicion grew stronger day by day. Finally when the pain became intolerable he decided to contact the girl on facebook but even after weeks of waiting there was no reply from the girl’s side. He grew frustated. he didnt want to ask his friends about her but when no other options were left he decided to contact them. from them he came to know that the girl had died in an accident some time ago.

Now the boy is a full grown man, he’s a responsible person taking good care of his parents and earning a handsome salary. His parents are forcing him to look for a good girl and marry and be settled in life but he can’t do it, he just cant.

Today he is looking back at his life, at his decision to let the girl go when he could have had her. His memories are becoming blurry, he can’t focus on anything right now…

The sense of guilt is too much for him to carry. The everyday pain he is suffering is impossible to describe. There is a gaping hole in his heart which is growing day by day. Finally he realizes:
HE TRULY LOVED THAT GIRL and to love another girl in the same life is not possible for him. Never, ever…


The writer was something. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer is telling his own story. I’ll be in the comment section.


    1. Thank you thank you we thank God
      You can read up on other love stories by searching “Love Wednesdays” in the search space.


  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t believe in soul mate and there being only one person for someone in their lifetime, it’s possible he loved her, it’s also possible he regrets his decision then, whatever, but he’s not just mentally ready to move on and doesn’t deserve to live with such regrets

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    1. Hmmm
      Different parts to this your comment. I agree that there’s not just one person for you but sometimes you get some people so much and vice versa that you don’t even want to try with other people. That’s where moving on comes. I think his own was heavier cause guilt was there. Just a lot of what if’s. It takes grace to move on from some people and some situations sometimes.


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