As I type this post, one side of my bed is occupied with my bag, laptop, purse, hairnet and empty lunch pack from work.

Close to me is my suya pepper and I’m dipping sweet potato bought from the streets but good to help my busy spinster life for dinner.

I gave you that background gist just incase you were one of those wishing to be an adult growing up. It’s children’s day tomorrow and we can’t even have public holiday😭😂😂. Every night this week, I’ve contemplated finishing the book I’m reading or sleeping and I always go with sleeping. Someone tell me, WHAT IS ADULTING AGAIN?😭

My friends are getting married, some have given birth and I’m just like “I’m a baby girl, so a baby girls gonna take care of another baby girl?” Parenting is becoming real?😭. Oh let’s not talk about bills, most of y’all can relate. IT DOESN’T EVER END but you have to keep putting yourself out there so that you can be the RICH AUNTY/UNCLE soon😂

News flash too, you can’t buy children’s day cloth or even have someone buy ice cream for you. If you can relate to all of these, you’re not a child, YOU’RE A FULL BLOWN ADULT. Read this post and lull yourself to sleep because there’s work tomorrow😂

Oh well, I must add that I still want to jump in bouncing castle and burst “blom blom” (balloon) drink caprisonne and colour the walls with crayon but everybody be acting matured these days😂😩

I hope you had a good laugh. Spread love to children around you tomorrow and yes I’m the first person to tell you…

”Happy Children’s Day” 🥂

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