Welcome, welcome. This almost feels new guys. So in the month of June, we took a break because it was needed. I mean, everybody feels the need to take a break.

So as I tell myself “welcome back”, I tell you “welcome back” and I tell the those who are coming on here for the first time, “welcome, grab a seat because it’s a long ride”

The first thing I want to do just before all the posts start coming is to communicate the structure of Loispiration so you know the days to look out for. A lot of people just come in on Wednesdays and Fridays but posts go up everyday. STOP THAT MIS-BEHAVIOUR AND TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS!!!😂

This is what our post schedule looks like:

Now that you know all the programs we run on a daily basis, we hope you’d binge read our over 400 articles, repost and share our links to your friends, platforms and groups. Lastly, we hope that you can now see that we’re an intentional brand . Thus, we’d like that you continue to share our transformational vision with us as you’ve done in time past and not relent.

On that note, welcome to the second half of the year guys. Blessings, laughter, good news, breakthroughs, whatever your eyes can see. Lastly peace… will be your lot.


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