TGIF!!! guys. The month of June was very electric for me and prior to this, a lot was happening, I was and still am involved with a lot of things that were just taking me away from blogging and making me seem inconsistent whereas this content was there.

Background gist; I used to have an assistant that I was working with so he left me to do his thing and my hands have just been out pouring. So I thought to go on this break to just restructure, re-evaluate a lot of things, draft a couple of posts, re-strategize and figure out a better approach to this thing not just called “adulting” but “purposeful adulting”

I checked into a hotel for a week [It was needed] even if I’m believing God for my finances now 😂It wasn’t expensive and the point of it was honestly to be alone; Away from all the noise and distractions. There was a lot of praying, learning, listening and just emotional de-stressing and I can’t wait to go for another one towards the end of the year.

From my retreat, I realized that life is moving fast. What do I mean? Gone are the days that people wait till they’re 40 or 50, hustle, work hard not smart, earn salaries, pay their children fees and try to find fulfillment in that. Now don’t get me wrong, that can be okay pending on whatever truly makes you happy. Not everybody will be a CEO, Billionaire, Captain of Industry etc.

However, what’s painful is if you wanted too achieve this feat but for some reasons that cuts across not being able to sacrifice todays pain for tomorrows pleasures; laziness, nonchalance, unwillingness to unlearn and put in the work, stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and setting new targets etc.

And so I said to myself, if you can be a billionaire at 23 years Lois, why wait till 40? If you’re ambitious like me, take out Lois and replace it with your name. It’s a question you must ask yourself and it’s a path that if chosen to be walked has to be accompanied by “intentionality”

I’ll be unfolding a couple of things as the days go. Turn on your post notifications. It feels good to be back guys, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

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