The question I always ask myself is
“What’s the worse that could happen”
As you progress in life, beyond learning that there’s failure as an event and failure as a person; We need to understand that the word “failure” is largely dependent on perception.

When everything looks wrong and there are obvious signs of failure, you can either push for it or back out. Most times, it looks like a dilemma of dying my burning or drowning. Again, trust your instinct and then again, PERCEPTION.

A cliche states that your failures build up to your success. This is very true because rather than seat down and take the blow. You can analyze the events that lead to the failure and double how you change the narrative.

You always have a clean slate.
Write on it,
Wipe it,
Flip the page.

However, the most important thing is.
And by writing I mean, don’t stop pressing on.
You’ll see, you’ll get it.


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