This is going to be a series guys. Part 2 will be completed on Friday and I know I’ll find all the amebo people here.

So there’s this popular song by “Skales”, a Nigerian music artiste. Some of the lines were “oya shake body, oya move body”. Yes, those are the only lines I need because we’re going to shake and rattle tables today.

SEX SEX SEX SES SES SES “Laughs”, yes some people call it “SES” I know you just said it out and you’re laughing LOL. So these are the categories I present to you today.

1. The people that are single but having ses. Don’t ask me how dears, WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST.

2. The people that are In relationships with different people, lying up and down just to gain access to different people’s private parts, God will judge you sweetheart.

3. The people that are doing friends with benefit even if one party is silently crying to hold and have only this person they’re with but the other person in the situationship has Coconut head that doesn’t have water.

4. The people that are lying that they’re not getting some. Who will beat you if you say the truth, own your need to be pleasured. I know, I know its no one’s business to be asking but own it with your full chest.

Now, let’s talk about my beef. Have your sex even on the edge of the ocean, it really doesn’t affect me. The christian ones that are having sex and mutually deceiving themselves, those ones are still even okay because the deceit in christ is mutual. What angers me are those christian brothers and sisters.

You’ll define the relationship before you enter : “This relationship, we’re going to put God first, pray, we’ll be intentional, trust God, it won’t be easy but we’ll try to overcome the flesh” bla bla bla. Three months inside, uncle is already saying “Mary, we need to talk about something”

We can all agree that in a relationship, once you hear “we need to talk” you cannot even be mentally stable again. Mary will be curious, only for John to say “This sex thing, hmm, how will we do?”. What do you mean, you knew Mary wanted to wait. You, John, you’re not ready to Marry now maybe in 5 years time and Mary is ready to wait for you but just 3 Months, Oga!!!, you didn’t even bring it up in your 2nd year.

And please, let’s cut that narrative that tries to paint the person that wants to wait as guilty. Both parties knew what they were getting into, one person just felt in the log run the other person will change their mind. It’s okay if that person changes their mind willingly because they can’t again but you know what’s not okay:

To be continued on Friday…


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