TGIF!!! Yes, just the mood setter! If you missed out on the 1st part of the gist, I’ve got you covered.

In continuation…

Guilt tripping this person for their actions and saying things like “Its been two years, I’ve considered you all along, you’re not even considerate, you’ve just being selfish, I’ll get it elsewhere, what’s the big deal, you’re not man enough, you’re impotent…” Come let everybody SHUTUP!!!.

There was a MUTUAL agreement to WAIT. Wait till both parties are ready or wait till marriage, whatever period the wait was for. For whatever reason, it could be that the person is not psychologically ready, Now the reason that is really treated as not reason enough is if the person says they want to honor God by waiting. If someone’s spiritual priorities are not yours, it’s fine but don’t try to trivialize or invalidate them by saying “God will understand, we’ll do it and ask for forgiveness, It’s not that deep, other christians are doing it” SHUTUP AGAIN!!!

It’s so annoying because most times, because of the level of emotional and physical investments, the waiting party might. Just yield against their wish.

Stop being selfish, go for the kind of person with your values and priorities Sexually.

Don’t go for Sister Mary that’s a spirit filled chorister and you want to change her to Cardi B in the middle of the night. Just like that, you’ll allow the devil to use you to change somebody from a path they’ve been walking. See, if it is not demonic, I don’t know what is! And you too, ask for grace to stand on what you want not to yield.

Infact, some people put themselves inside this thing themselves. I know because I’ve been there oo . When you meet that brother or sister that looks too good to be true, you be expecting from someone your idealistic plans and trying to leave it out in their reality. Problem go day because one person has only one reality.

Bottom line guys, you’ll find someone who will accommodate your priorities too. Nobody needs to be the villain in trying to tolerate in the short run what you know you won’t accommodate in the long run.

Happy Friday 😊😌❤️


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