Dear Christian,

This week, I want you to take your mind off the narrative that sacrifices can only be some with huge chunks of money.

Have you thought about the time you did 7 days fasting, the inconvenience, the way you slimmed down, how you begged the Holy Spirit for strength to pray because you knew your flesh was weak but your spirit wanted to keep going.

Have you forgotten so soon all your mid night prayers in the dead of the night and how forfeited your sleep…

The sacrifices can be endless and it may look like nothing is working, you’re passing deadlines and you see friends that you assume don’t labour in the secret place like you but they’re having their testimonies.

This new week and beyond, the mantra remains unchanging
“I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation”. Hang in there because God is about to blow your mind.

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