I give you me,

I don’t like morning lights and I can be very cranky as well but I give you me.

I’m scattered, I press the tube of my toothpaste from the centre but I give you me.

I take my sweet time to get ready for events,

I usually can’t find my things were I keep them but I give you me.

I take a lot of alcohol and get drunk to the point that sometimes I sleep in gutters unconsciously or get into a fight but I give you me.

I smoke to a very good extent: From cigarette to weed, to shisha. There’s something the smoke does to me but I give you me.

I promise you’ll never go to bed wandering if you weren’t enough because I would never cheat on you.

I give you me.


Do you still want me?

Hi guys, so this is a piece that highlights imperfection in a two sided way. If you have a partner, what’s the threshold of imperfection you can take?


  1. Sure, but leave room for adjustment and change cause that’s what love makes us do, adjust and sacrifice to accommodate your partner without hurting yourself.

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