Hi guys, I trust your week was good and If it wasn’t, hang in there and everything will go as planned. TGIF!!! Let’s get straight to talking,

Now, I was having a conversation with my younger sister when I said “the more we grow the challenges” and like most Nigerian christians she goes “God-forbid” and I don’t blame her because I would do the same thing without understanding. So let me explain what I meant.

You grow up as a child and your only problem was that the most popular girl in class wasn’t talking to you or wanting to buy small video games. You get into secondary school and it changes to getting attention from guys, having a girlfriend or better grades [just so I sound serious]. You get into the university and your 1st year, it’s you wanting new hairs, attending parties, dating the hottest girl and moving on to the next.

Then your first year results come out and boom, reality check it looks like you now have “bigger” problems. You graduate, then you want a job, your parents start pressuring you to get married after sometime, investments and saving up for your kids. You marry, they want grand-children. You give birth, now you start focusing on their life and their own problems….By now, you get the drift.

For every phase you grew in size, the problems grew because you had never experienced this phase before. So its easy for your mum to say “he broke your heart, don’t worry, it’ll be fine” and its annoying to you because you’re hurting a lot but your mum has already experienced that phase so she’s not so moved.

Long and short of It Is that: As you grow guys, remember to build capacity [in learning, good networking social circles, loyal friendships, elderly council and a relationship with God] because most times, its in the experiences of those that have gone ahead of you that you’ll be able to maneuver life’s problems. Lastly, remember, no one is going to clap for you twice as you go through life. Don’t dwell on your successes. There’s always more to reach for.

Have an amazing weekend 😊❤️


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