Hi guys, so this post was supposed to be sent out yesterday but I had no idea this was going to be written and I wasn’t connecting with the other posts to be sent out.

I’ve had one hell of a week in a positive light. However, regardless of the positivity, sometimes you still have questions, decisions, action plans… there’s searching your spirit for approval, there’s waiting to get an answer and there’s the need to want to act with your instincts.

Now, to crown it all, your mind is buzzing, wanting you to do something but you just don’t do anything. It’s supposed to be overwhelming but yeah, you can have peace because not doing anything is still an act in itself.

I took a nap to just ease my anxiety, then I felt I needed to talk to someone, then I said I’d rather worship and pray over it and yeah, I got my answer. The scripture came “He makes all things beautiful in his time” similar to “It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight”. If it’s not the Lord’s time, how can it be beautiful? If he didn’t do it, how can it be marvelous for everybody to see?

To be patient is to wait and so God told me you’ve been waiting on some things diligently and intentionally in deeds and action for almost a year regardless of how tired you are. Add this to the list and keep the same energy.

In summary guys, feelings make us human but they can be subjected to the spirit and ultimately, regardless of the overwhelming nature, we have the peace like a river that transcends all understanding. Be patient with your feelings guys, everything will align.

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