It’s the last day of the month and love Wednesdays came on Saturday. Yes, what a way to end the month right 😊

We were in the same section in our college and quickly became very good friends. I developed a huge crush on him (let’s call him A) and one day decided to tell him about how I felt. He politely declined saying he’s not interested in relationships. I decided that I won’t let this affect our friendship and luckily after this incident, we became even better friends. I slowly fell in love with him but I knew that I can’t tell him how I feel.

He surprised me one day and proposed a relationship. I was on cloud 9 and we dated happily for 3 months. But he started drifting away from me. I was very worried. He finally told me that there were some really big issues at home and that we need to break off. It completely broke my heart but there was nothing I could do.

I tried to be there for him but he started smoking and slowly severed all contact with me. I was heartbroken and vulnerable. After a few months, I found support in a friend who liked me. I said yes and we started dating. (Let’s call him B)
Things got okay and A told me that he still loved me. I loved him too but I couldn’t just leave B, so I decided not to do anything about it. But after a few months I just couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I broke off with B and told A that I still love him very much. But I was too late.

He was over me and wanted to have nothing to do with me.
It’s been more than 2 years since this incident and A doesn’t even talk to me as a friend anymore. I think I’ll always love him the same.
The lost friendship hurts more than the lost love.

Written by Anon

What do you guys think? As for me, A deserves to be flogged and the girl too😂

See you in the comment section.


  1. I don’t think A really did love her, he just loved how accessible she was to him.

    She did what she could in the best way possible.

    Tbh they both did.

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