The week is honestly just starting even as it’s about to end and I felt someone needed to hear this because it gave me so much peace.

“If it isn’t God’s timing, how can it be beautiful? If it isn’t God’s doing, how can it be marvelous? Faith is in the process and not the result”

Logically, the place of faith is supposed to be one of anxiety and uncertainty but so is everything. Delaying that business, refusing to work on that idea, taking that risk etc. If you don’t start, how do you know, how do you build capacity, how do you learn to trust and how do you give God something to work with in glorifying you?

I hope you look inwardly and find solace in these words. I hope you pray for and strive to look out for peace. You’ve been given grace already; so most importantly, I hope you pray for direction and actually start that process.


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