My offering

I put it in an envelope and drop it in the basket the usher passed. I squeeze it and fold it up to avoid other eyes from seeing it.

To offer, present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as desired.

What if I offer my trust,

What if I offer my love,

What if I offer my time,

What if I offer my shoulders,

What if I offer my heart…

Would it be enough?

If it isn’t, what if it’s my widows mite?

I know you have a choice to accept it or reject it.

So the question comes down to what has been offered to you that you rejected?

Did you have a better offer? Was the intensity of rejection damaging to the person who offered? Was the rejection justified or it was honestly your insecurity or was it a malfunction of the direction of your passion ?

Take your mind back and think.

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