As much as I don’t want to,

I’m trying not to and just want to focus on being positive, the unrest in Afghanistan just pops up and silence is just as good as acceptance.

The first set of people I think about are Women. From mothers, to pregnant mothers, to ladies that’ll be raped, abused and given out like materials. Oh and children that’ll have their child hood scarred and redefined.

I think about the irredeemable mental restructuring that will happen to children just from seeing how regard for human life is put on display. Bringing it home, it’s the same empathy I have for the feminine gender in Northern Nigeria.

I will never be able to truly understand how there’s so much more to a person, so much life that can exist and then so much purpose buried on the soils of stories that birth realities. Stories from sociological and environmental contexts; stories from personal experiences that fuel these realities and act as a mental limitation to the fulfillment of destiny.

To think of little Amina in Borno staying up all night and wanting to go to school and struggling with Mummy’s decision “You can’t go to school, it’s not how things are done, we don’t want to spend money on education because Alhaji Garba has already said he’ll be back when you turn 17. So you have to learn how to be a good wife…”

Beyond the talk of the Talibans not being harmful, the news being exaggerated, women not being shut out from governance and societal life. These things are not set in stone and people are still going to live out the consequences of actions

There’s a lot of work to be done. From Gender Education to fluidity to neutrality, to mental restructuring of territories

And just when we think Afghanistan was making progress… “Here we go again” Sigh!

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