TGIF!!! So why not😂. Hello guys, I made a part 1 of this post last year. I was going through my content folder where I actually wrote 30 things. Released the 1st ten last year and I’m releasing the second 10 this year😂. I’ll leave the link immediately below for you to catch up.


11. I prefer hard copy books to soft copy because I get to write, underline and think.

12. I love my friends with my being, I love love, I don’t joke with my friendships or relationships. They mean a lot to me.

13. I want to have two dogs. One chihuahua and one husky. Then name them from my surname. I think I’ll make a good mummy and spoil them silly. My dogs will drink wine, eat eba and have their own wardrobe. Once I get them, prepare to leave the Internet for me😂

14. I take birthdays very personal. If you’re on my whatsapp CL and you view my birthday status without wishing me happy birthday, I’ll do same to you on your birthday. I’m petty like that.

15. I’m generally not an observant person except I like and care about you.

16. I’m very independent, I don’t like asking for help, I feel handicapped when I can’t find a way round things I need, I always want to know what next and be certain, have clarity on it.

17. Don’t talk to me If I’m just waking up, even if you see me with my phone. I’m not a morning chatter box, allow me to process my mood, thoughts and feelings. I only avail myself for calls and conversations that are extremely necessary.

18. I’m an almost perfectionist but grace helps me to recognize reason.

19. I’m a very particular person. Best believe if I keep my cream in a certain position and you tweak it In the slightest, I would know.

20. If I get angry, I speak very proper English, no pidgin English.

Happy World Humanitarian Day. Allow yourself to be human guys. Enjoy, Love and Light, cheers to the weekend ❤️

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