Written by Manila Gopinathan

This story was told to me by a friend who had a neighbor ,who was dating a girl just blocks away from their house .

They started seeing each other while still in school and were together since then . The Boy had 3 sisters(all younger than him) and his family was not that well to do and the girls family was doing quite well.

The Girl had 2 brothers.(one older one younger) They kept their love affair as a secret for a long time . Went to college ,completed their graduation and started working at different companies. All through this their love was strong and they were waiting for the right time to let their parents know.

The guy’s father died after some months and the whole responsibility of looking after the family was solely on his shoulders. He was drowned in debt , majority of which were taken by his father to buy their house . Now at 22 he was the sole earner of the family and had too many things to handle one of which was also to marry his long time girlfriend .

He just couldn’t get the courage to tell anyone from his family about it lest they think he’s being selfish by only thinking about himself when he has 3 sisters to be married off. The girls family started looking for prospective grooms to which the girl never co-operated and was against her parents forcing her to marry someone of their choice.

She kept her love affair a secret ,she didn’t want any unnecessary fights between her brothers and her lover. The boy got 1 of his sister married ,paid of some debts in a year or two and now was against going ahead with his own love life.

He told his girlfriend to break off and that she should get married to someone who can take care of her because he’s under so much liability that he doesn’t want her to come into a house filled with poverty and sorrow.

They broke off , the girl got into depression, the boy got a working opportunity in the Middle East and worked there for 6–7 years. Meanwhile, he married off both his sisters off.

Now he was somewhat comfortable with his life but it took him more than 10-12 years to get everything under control. I was curious to know what happened to the girl ,did she get married to someone ? Did she get better after the break up??

This is the sad part:

My friend said the girl waited for the guy not even knowing wether he’ll wait for her .

Everyone in the locality labeled the girl as a psychopath who got violent every now and then but that was mainly when someone came to see her for marriage ,eventually that stopped when word got out that she was mentally unstable. People made stories about her ,that she had some dark past maybe that’s the reason she doesn’t want to get married.

The girls family had shifted to a new place telling everyone that they are trying to get her treated & eventually marry her off to someone from their village.

The boy came to know about all this when his mother casually mentioned about a girl who used to stay near their house . He went looking , and got hold of her and asked her hand for marriage.

Now the boy’s mother was against it as the girl is labeled as someone with a mental problem by everyone. He told his mother the whole story ,she was not only supportive but she also went with her son to ask the girls hand for Marriage.

All this happened to real people, real scenario, real love. When you find true love ,you find the strength , courage and resilience to go against the harshest tide that comes your way.

Only some people have the courage to wait for someone they thought was their true love.


Please ehn, how do you people see this story because I don’t know why the girl continued to keep their relationship secret even after it was over. Plus I think it’s really sad that some people don’t know they have the emotional capacity to move on after a failed relationship.

Then again… love, this thing called love😩

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