Dear Lord,


I’ve come again.

This time it’s to acknowledge that I have Coconut Head. Infact, my own does not have water inside.

I’m beating myself up for something little that I’m exaggerating in my head and I know you’re not looking for perfection…

But maybe as humans in trying to be like you, subconsciously, we try to make ourselves perfect, void of your help.

Well today, right now, I’m asking for help. Help to know that in our relationship, it’s not the effort that I put but the willingness in itself…

and then walking in that consciousness. Help me to truly understand that in myself, I can’t justify these efforts and establish an exactness or concreteness as to actual manifestations.

When I’m overwhelmed with anxiety and expectations, help me to just BREATHE AND STAY.

Help me to trust that you see the sincerity of my heart. Not in the intensity or measure that qualifies certain works between us but to know that you’re a good father & a loving husband. And that your goodness is sufficient & sustainable enough for me to more than exist, thrive!

And as we let you work in us, submitting to your image, embracing the brokenness and accepting the change… oh how our hearts become light, light enough for your spirit to carry us.

Lastly , I know you know how much I want to get it right for us.

Not as the world sees but straight from the lenses of your heart.

Nothing else can give this much peace . Hence, nothing else really matters.

With love from your everything daughter:

Lois Tarikabor 💕


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