Hello guys and yes It’s mid-week. Feels like ages since you heard from me. I left you a podcast on Friday just incase you missed it, here’s the link below.

That being said, let’s get back to business.

So I’ve been on a little break from some of my activities. In truth, I don’t even know if its a break because other things are replacing them and I just want to be more intentional about my year as it comes to an end. Start thinking of how my next year would be, new values and additions I want to make me a better person, goals, capacity and all of that. You really cannot do these things I’ve listed out without self-development and that’s what I’ve been doing.

I decided to read up on some of my all time best people biographies. I just went online and started copying and pasting in one document. For inspiration, understanding people’s journeys, seeing things I could do and figuring out a whole lot because with reading, you never really know what you can find. Then I noticed something profound.

Biographies are largely summarized!

Yes, I know you’re aware of this but have you thought deeply of how easy it is to see on wikipedia “Oprah left her mum to leave with her dad” and you’re hearing Oprah on a show saying “ I hated my mum or I can’t have kids because they’ll hate me or something”

In truth , I think biographies will never do justice.

Then again, we mostly talk about biographies for people that are successful. Maybe we should normalize searching on google for random biographies, we never can tell whose story might inspire us.

I also think we should start writing down our own biographies and dare to make them largely detailed. I feel we’d be surprised at how much we may find that we are able to bring out of us that may eventually make us introspect and shape an entirely different reality for us than we are living now.

I know it can be scary especially for trauma victims. There’s no pressure, do it whenever you’re ready. If you find enough strength which I sincerely pray you do. I just pray you find something that gives you a different perspective to your truth and just helps you thrive a 100 percent better.


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