Please read the part 2 by clicking the link above so you’re not confused.

I think the texts explain themselves but I’ll just throw some light. As believers, to please God solely we have to kill the flesh and submit to the things of the spirit. Little wonder why you get an attack maybe on your health or finances and you’re quoting “submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he’ll flee” and the devil is just standing there, unshaken, because with submission, it’s not half way, it’s ALL THE WAY!

You cannot submit in some things and rebel in others. If you’re not submitting to God, you’re submitting to self. Upon saying the prayer of salvation, Paul said “you died and your life is now hid in Christ” you willingly accepted to hide your life in Christ, why then are you looking for what is hidden? why then do you want to get your flesh back?

What’s the benefit?

I hope this made sense to you and lastly, dear ladies, dear men, before submitting to anybody as a partner for a relationship or marriage check if the person is submitted to God first. It’s not a perfect journey but perfect motives with the help of the Holy Spirit is just the degree of perfection God needs.

There’ll be lonely nights, soaked pillows, heavy hearts, oh sacrifices but he just never leaves us. Yes, you’re saying “I cannot, it’s hard, how will I fight these urges…” Don’t think about it, set your mind on things above. “Whatsoever things are pure… think on these things” yeah, yeah it still doesn’t cut it sometimes. However, you cannot live for or embody somebody you do not have a personal experience with.

So you have to be intentional with your spiritual journey. It is in this you’ll find that the UNDERSTANDING of the mysteries that are in Christ truly suffices! We do not stay chaste in our own power because we simply CANNOT. We do that by only staying ALIVE in him and DEAD to ourselves. The Bible says “in him we live, move and have our being” in this journey, anything outside Christ to seek self glory will land you flat on your face.

A little pleasure now to short change the fullness of your destiny for only God knows when, weigh the consequences and make your decision. Yes you can wait, two things: Stay Alive in Christ and stop thinking about the end of the journey. Enjoy the road trip and continuously live in the moment of his presence, you’ll look back when you eventually get to the end and be surprised at how he did it.

May God continue to supply us grace as we live for him.

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