Hello guys, long time no gist. Today, I’m saying no to this lifestyle. I’m not a gist hoarder and it’s mid-week, a little spice to make you laugh wouldn’t hurt.

I got into cab on my way back from work on this fateful day and this guy sat beside me. Yes, I’m gonna give you details. The first thing that attracted me to him was not even his face, it was his perfume.

Dayummmmm man was smelling good. Then I used style to look at his face. Ah ah, uncle was looking good. His hair cut sharp. If you like be laughing at me, you can’t shame the shameless my dear. I’m a woman and I have chosen to love the other gender unashamedly irrespective of their maximum mezzups.

Well, he looked good and fortunately for me, we were both alighting at the same spot. Haq, haq, the cosmos was in my favour. So I said when he got down I was going to scope his height.

He came down and I got down too. His height wasn’t so bad because he was taller than me a little bit. This PARFUM was still mesmerizing me. I didn’t want to make it so obvious that I wanted to take his number so I said I’ll just walk slowly forward and use my side eyes to see if he’s walking towards my direction or his crossing. (Na here I mezzup)

Ladies and gentlemen, dear amebo community and you that you’re waiting to say “we love to see it” and wanting follow up gist. That’s how I took steps forward and realized that It was just breeze that was following me. I took a sharp glance across the road and realized that uncle had already crossed.

Supposed friendship in the mud my dears, in the mud. I’m not so huge on perfumes personally, my own is “make I no smell” but you see, after that incident, I bought like 3 different perfumes, I don’t joke. Let me too enter somewhere and before my fine face attracts, the smell will start the process then fine face will take over, glory of the Lord will now cement everything. Kimoooon😂

I hope I made you laugh or smile at least. Love and light guys☺️❤️✌🏽

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