Hey guys, so I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about this but September is coming to an end and we might as well end it on a light note regardless of all life is throwing at us. Smiling or laughing on a Wednesday night really wouldn’t hurt even as I convince myself that I don’t need to satisfy my shawarma craving.

I’ll go straight to it, no need defining bucket list for you😂

I want to strip on a pole and do all those acrobatics, bad bitch type of thing with my high heels and long net socks hose and be sticking my tongue out in a funny way aimed at being sexy with good blues music. Ooouhhh. You see the only thing now is that I can’t have these memories recorded so I’ll do them just to laugh in my head every now and then. Stored doses of comic relief😂. Iyk iyk (if you like act like assistant Jesus and judge me, e conscine you ooo)😂

I want to sky dive. Yes if you know me, you know I’m scared of heights😂 I couldn’t even jump down a building when I did this heights virtual reality experience. I’m pretty sure I’ll pee in the air and the name of Jesus will suffer for like 10 minutes. Worse off, I may pass out before falling down😂 but I want to do it all the same.

I want to go for a reality show. BBN seems cute lol yeah I said cute but I’ll pass. Maybe like a singing or cooking reality show. I want to know how that sought of overwhelming will feel like.

I wanted to kiss a stranger but I crossed it off my bucket list. I’m born again now, I’ve repented. I keep my lips to myself please😂😂 every black, male tempting stranger with seductive looking lips, I bind and cast in the name of Jesus😂

I want to dance under the rain on the streets of New Orleans during a festivity with my man of life abeg😂 not date today leave tomorrow. (This was inspired by the originals)

Okay, the last one I’ll let you guys in on: Travel alone, lodge somewhere exquisite, enjoy the spa, massage, white robe and white towel wrapped around my head. Maybe just go with my camera and leave my phone in another country. Go on a different type of wild chase to intentionally find deep meanings to life. Who knows, I just might meet this sucre papito that’ll buy me a yacht.😂❤️

Your turn, I’ll be in the comment session


  1. All these ‘wants’…. e dey sweet body o, but e get as e dey take lead to another kind ‘masala’ (wahala in hausa language). Na why sometimes I dey ask myself say_ why child of God no too get flexings to dey do? …because if you say you really won flex, sin go enter join am.

    Secondly, I been want warn you but as you don already clear us for the writeup say you no want any ‘assistant Jesus’ to talk I go just dey waka dey go. Very soon we go hear say you be stripper for the god, because na you know why you won go do executive ashewo dance in the name of craving.

    And finally, so you been dey crave to kiss stranger… nor do make all dis obodo oyinbo tin dey shack you o. Nigerians get wahala o… you nor know the one wey you go kiss, he go start dey trail you go your house say him don see bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh….

    My sister kill all this cravings and crave to be in the Lord’s Army😉

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    1. 😂😂😂😂😂gone. You literally said executive ashawo😂😂 wawuuuuu. Nice one😂. I appreciate the time taken to draft this comment. E fit be another post on e own. Thanks thanks , I’m already in the Lords army😂


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