Happy New Month guys😊❤️.

So, I personally don’t know how to react to this years Independence. There are so many negative things to say but at the same time, I’ve chosen not to say any. 61! Such a land mark. Today I choose to highlight the top tier qualities in Nigerians that even transcend Nigeria.

Nigerians are hardworking

Nigerians are smart

Nigerians are everywhere in the world

Nigerians are in every field across the globe

Nigerians too the charts in global industries

Nigerians are creators

Nigerians are achievers

Nigerians are trend and pace setters

Nigerians are funny

Nigerians are survivors

Like a post I saw earlier, regardless of unlikely it may seem, I join my faith with others and choose to celebrate the hope of a New Nigeria.

A time is coming where

-Nigeria will rise

-Nigerians will come back to rebuild Nigeria

-There will be a true Nigerian dream

-Our children will raise their shoulders and be proud to be Nigerians.

-Our passport will be carried with pride.

It’s only a matter of time.

It may not be in the span of our lives but we are sowing the seeds; in prayers, patriotism, our stories, our hope and our faith.

One day, E go better!

Until e better, one day, na one day!

Happy Independence Day Nigerians.

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