Hey you,

It’s world Mental health day so I’m checking on you.

When last did you smile genuinely?

When last were you happy?

When last did you say you were fine and meant it?

When last did you feel at peace?

At peace with your current state of mind, finances, relationship, purpose and self?

The world is moving fast

Everybody is finding their various paths

And Life is happening

Maybe you’re clueless, maybe you have it figured out.

It doesn’t change the fact that it can all be overwhelming.

In a phase?

Nothing seems to be working?

Tired and frustrated?

It just doesn’t make sense?

Hang in There!

Depressed and suicidal? I pray you find inner strength to talk to something and believe that better days are coming.


I’m telling you to breathe and tell yourself you’re doing the best you can

And if you aren’t, I’m charging you to put in the work to see the results.

Trust God,

Trust the process,

Sooner than you think,

Everything will align beautifully.

Happy World Mental Health Day

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