It’s Love Wednesday Guys and this one is something.

Anha looked away from that direction. She had seen two people sitting and laughing. Two happy faces. From below the table one could see them holding hands and also his feet curled around her’s. They looked like crabs which locked their claws and walked around except that these two were not walking around but sitting, in a big empty library.

Anha hid behind the huge shelf of books. Reading a book, she tried to divert her mind from the happy couple. Only to fail. Peeping through the tiny gap between two books she watched them talking. A few minutes passed by. The girl got up. It was time for her to go. The boy stood up too. Gave her a long hug and a quick kiss on her cheek. The girl blushed as she walked away.

Standing on her toe tips, Anha tried to merge her body with the shelf. Still looking at the boy. He was on his phone. Smiling and texting. His fingers moved in continuous motion and his face lit up brighter each minute. Anha lost in his eyes let her mind wander. Wandered back into those memories when she saw him looking into her eyes, she felt his warm skin against her’s.

The time when she was in the girl’s place. Literally. The time when they had sat in the library looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. The time when he had his legs curled around her’s. History was repeating again. This time with different characters. He was still there in the story, only she was replaced.

Anha was now in tears. She wiped each drop as it rolled down her cheeks. He had moved on. She was stuck. Stuck in her past. She wanted to let go and move on.

A crumbled paper fell from her hand. Picking it up, she read it’s last words, “Love Always”. It said Always. They were supposed to have that. She wanted to walk up straight to him and ask him to explain what ‘Always’ had meant to him. But she didn’t. It meant nothing. Not anymore. She crumbled the paper and tore it into tiny pieces. Walking away from him, she threw it in a bin.

-Anusha R

So guys, can we relate. Like not directly, but when we stalk our ex-lovers on social media or hear gist about them. Worse off, when we’re existing in the same space with them and they’re moving on from us. Yoooo, that hurt be on some intense degree shii

Comment session is open guys, let’s talk. Have you ever had an ex that said he “loved” you or lovers that said they’ll never leave you at 3am and you were blushing only to be served hot breakfast some months after. Do people’s love words mean anything these days…

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