Natagodi, Koko Wa Ile, Zo Gida,

The average Nigerian should understand these words.

I came across a very short piece online were the writer who was actually Igbo was talking about the importance of home in the Christmas season. He was telling men to come home regardless of whatever financial situation they may be in, not being able to spend and all of that.

Christmas in itself is about love. The very essence of it being that it is the day that christians all over the world have chosen to celebrate and mark the birth of christ. Whether Jesus was born on that day or not, Christians have chosen that day to celebrate the birth of the messiah.

Further more, whether it is related to a pagan god, Christians have refused to give power to that god or that narrative no matter how realistic it may be. Instead, we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. From giving to sharing and everything that radiates love, family inclusive and being one of the apex distributors of that love this Christmas.

Speaking of love, all these pajamas you people are doing upandan, no be so ooo. Hmm, no be soo. I just say make I pass this message. No be soo dem dey do things. For the single people in the house, next year will not pass you by, LOL.

So here’s the thing, there’s home with family and there’s home with peace of mind. It’s perfectly okay for you to call Netflix and chilling home, being with your dog home, taking amazing photoshoots and playing dress up home.

Be okay with the fact that home, situationally, is a state of mind. It can feel lonely and may even want to depress you. Fight that urge and be grateful for the gift called life and the privilege to breathe, tough as it may seem.

For all the people that played masquerade, got drunk, had sex, partied and did jaiye jaiye, nobody is judging you but please, do it with your full chest and don’t use our wonderful Baby Jesus that has no sin in him as an excuse. You’re an adult, nobody will beat you. Except well, you’re not so grown to chill with the big boys.

Lastly guys, I started this post by talking about home and the agenda has not changed. As you get ready to step into 2022 victoriously, learn to define things by your own unique personality, experiences, phases and growth. It’s okay to be at a place where home at this point is not family for whatever reason. You alone know your story.

However, if you can’t go home; make home, create home, find home and just plug yourself in that head space. That’s truly all that matters, peace of mind. So long as your intentional in learning, unlearning and growing, slowly but surely you’ll get there. You’ll look back and hear that soft voice that whispered to you from a news paper column…

Natagodi, Koko Wa Ile, Zo Gida.

Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Hope you didn’t think I wasn’t going to stop by)😊 Spread love and light as always because “Tis the Season”

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