Dear Single Christian,

As I write to you, I write for me.

Letter to Single Christians (feel free to shed a tear or get plugged while reading).

Sometimes I want to give my fear a voice, I want to validate it’s emotions regardless of the fact that it’s emotions are riding on my emotions and yes, the Christian in me is wanting to bind and cast, to shout out loud, WE DON’T DO THIS HERE but sigh!

You look at your dms and they’re filled with interested men wanting to love you. Let’s reduce your excuse of not knowing them, you look around you and you can point out familiar men that want to do the same thing but just maybe you’re stuck with shrugging your shoulders and saying “I don’t know” when asked.

Not because you really do not know about them but having more to do with yourself, your journey, how much time you’ve spent by yourself, the place you’re at, where you’re going to and the list is long.

You wake up on some days and even serious potentials, you want to shut everybody out. Like you want your brain to have an evacuation. “Out and leave me alone” then you settle back into your comfortable feelings.

Yes I said comfortable because; Do you know how uncomfortable love can be? How one person can consciously or unconsciously ruin your mood or make you happy? How this person can mess with your daily functionality? how it’s like you’re living for yourself but you’re living for this person unconsciously?

You wake up every morning and you choose to live for two and sometimes again, you’re wondering, why do I want to give someone this much power over me? Flashes of you being content with yourself cloud your mind and it looks like you’ve resigned to just walk familiar paths.

You tell yourself that you need to pick up the pace with your self development game. More books, more prayer, more fasting, falling in love with Jesus. Yet, deep down, it feels you’re soul is crying for more. A person maybe? You find this person and then you just want to live.

Go on dates, make memories, have “amazing sex”, be together. Then you move on to another school of thought, what next?Maybe it’s a thinking problem. Maybe you should stop thinking you say but you vie off & you catch yourself thinking again. Well, that’s why we have a brain ye?

In all these things, I’ve found I ramble a problem and rant out it’s solution. Without safety in love, we set ourselves up for more thinking. The only reference that seems to come to mind, a guarantee of true safety in love from the Holy books. “What can separate us from the love of Christ? Trials, Tribulations, sicknesses, angels, death…? And it says nothing”

So Christ has first assured us of a love that nothing separates us from. A love that we can call home anytime, all we need to do is run into it and this is the kind of love programmed into humans since time immemorial.

Ever wondered why God really took a rib from Adam and placed it in Eve? He took from Adams body. Our bodies as humans, being our earthly suits that houses our spirit and soul. Our bodies being home! because we are stuck in and with ourselves. Everything we do is a manifestation of commands that hormones and nerves pass through sensory messages.

So yes, there is the love of Christ that we call home that has been existing. There is the love we have for ourselves that we call home because we are home. And then like a mother births her child from her body and loves her unconditionally from a general spectrum there’s the love we birth from the home within us and we share it fiercely! We share it with passion!

Thus, it all makes sense now. I understand that my love is a three dimensional home, one that is wholesome and completes even as it is complete in itself and I’m looking for someone who understands this too.

Dear Single Christian,

I know my letter was long but I hope you can relate. I hope you understand that love is home and I hope you share your love with someone who understands this too.

Asking them ultimately,

Is your love home?

Is your home safe?

❤️- Lois Tarikabor

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