Heyyy people, thanks for following up. 2 days left and we can make it💃🏽

Today we’ll be talking on the last two important characters;
Romans teacher
He was the man who handed Roman to the appropriate authorities to be taken care of by showing up at Bobby Ray deans house at the right time . We need to actually give enough credit to our Nursery and Primary school teachers because they take care of us at a very fragile point in our lives as children were we cannot help ourselves.

He was one of Romans teachers at the home group who helped him with his art. He was like a father to Roman. Yes Roman had abandonment issues, he just never shut jasper out neither did he completely let him in but Jasper never gave up on him. He kept popping in and out of his life giving Roman the kind of space he wanted and at the same time, knowing enough to advice him.

In truth, we need friends like Jasper who sense that we really need them even though we don’t admit it until we come to full realization of how having them around really helped us. May we all have Jaspers in our lives and strive to be a Jasper to someone to.

Jasper was a Christian but Roman never knew until almost 20 years down the line and Roman was surprised that he never mentioned it. Jasper responded that everytime he tried to bring spiritual issues up that he pushed it aside.

Now there’s a lot to learn from that;
Get the message guys, sometimes God knows best and he knows the exact right time to ask. Don’t push things on people, be sensitive and pray for them, do good and let God have his way in his own time because he’s never late. 2 days left😊 to wrap this up. See you tomorrow.


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