It’s a wrap on Kenya people. If you’ve followed us carefully on the Kenya series, we really appreciate you. We saved the best for the last. I bet you want to favorite this post just incase you ever want to visit Kenya. The sceneries in itself just from the photos are breath taking.

  • Maasai Mara National Reserves

Maasai Mara is one of the most incredible game reserve of the world on the border of Tanzania, Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti. It makes for the wildlife corridor between the two countries Tanzania and Kenya. 

Maasai Mara is christened after the dignified and red cloacked people of Maasai who reside and graze their animals here. The park is majorly known for its Great Migration when several thousands of zebra, wild beast and Thomson’s gazelle travel to and fro from Serengeti in the months from July to October. 

Maasai Mara is located on Narok County in Kenya. 

I’ll personally suggest this place for a shoot or to just come and connect/bond with your inner self. Better still, come here with a lover… lol

  • Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is a beautiful lake of Kenya that is largely known for its humongous variety of pink flamingos.

Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley soda lakes which comprises of almost one third of the Lake Nakuru National Park area. The park houses more than 450 species of birds that live here. It also has a rich wildlife diversity. Some of the animals that can regularly be seen near the lake include the warthogs, lions, pythons, waterbucks, leopards and white rhinos.

Lake Nakuru is located in Central Kenya… Now, I’ve added a trip to Kenya to my 2020 bucket list. I know 2019 is not over but we’re just prepping the list ahead

  • Bamburi Beach

Bamburi Beach is an incredibly calm beach that boasts of fine soft sand and calm waters. It is definitely one of the most ideal places to go in order to experience a fantastic vacation with family.

Ideal destination for sun lovers and sand seekers, the Bamburi Beach is a must visit for anyone who enjoys walking or swimming or unwinding on the beach. It offers everything you expect from a beach. The beach is also widely known for its nightclubs, restaurants and the modern hotels that are found in abundant here. You can enjoy water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling here. Camel rides are also a prominent activity here. Visit the beach to find some relaxing peace Timings with self. 

Bamburi Beach is located on the Northern Coast of Mombasa in Kenya.

  • Ruins of Gedi

The Gedi ruins are one of Kenya’s great mysteries. Set in an idyllic location on the Indian Ocean, and buried deep in a lush forest, the town was thought to have been founded in the early 13th-century,

However, it is not only the quality of the ruins that amazes visitors but the advanced nature of the settlement. Gedi was in many ways, a very advanced city with streets, running water and flushing toilets.

Correcting the assumption that Africa was far behind the rest of the world before colonialism, Gedi was a cosmopolitan urban setting, and archeologists have found Ming Chinese vases, Venetian glass as well as other artifacts from all over the world. This potpourri of history is clear evidence that the Muslim inhabitants of the coastal Kenyan town traded heavily with cultures outside their own, and developed an incredible world that has now been deeply decomposed by tropical forests.

  • Nairobi National Museum

The museum is entrusted with collection, preservation and documentation of the Kenyan cultural heritage and also engage in scientific research. 

This is the perfect place to reach, if you wish to gather ample knowledge of Kenyan culture and past. The place is abundant in natural heritage. One can buy several castings, and get venue hire at reasonable prices. There are both, permanent as well as temporary exhibits to explore at the museum. 

  • Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak is regarded as the realm of Ngai, god of the local Kikuyu people. Traditionally, all Kikuyu home were built to face this sacred peak. They call it Kirinyaga, or place of light.

The mountain is an awe-inspiring sight. Its ragged series of peaks are crowned with snow, and its slopes are thick with forest. The mountain is best seen at dawn, when the days early light silhouettes its impressive summit high over the surrounding plains.

It takes between 3 and 5 days to trek through a fascinating world of forests, wildlife, and unique montane vegetation including pod carpus and groundsel, and finally one of the world’s rarest sights, equatorial snow.

I hate hiking but just for the pictures, I’m doing this.

  • Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls is a spectacular waterfall in proximity to the Thika town.

There is so much to see and do at the Fourteen Falls. Some of the most prominent activities of the region include plant identification, photography, boating, bird watching, fishing, among the others. The falls get its name from the 14 different waterfalls that can be found on the broad section of the popular Athi River. To best explore the waterfall and the surrounding regions, you can take a guided tour to the place. 

These falls are located near delmonte fld 59 in Kenya. The entire view and the area is drool worthy, so don’t miss out on it.

  • Art Markets

Kenya is widely known for its fantastic art and the artists. There are abundant art markets in Kenya that deserve your attention and appreciation. 
For every art lover or artists, the art markets of Kenya have a lot on offer. You can find paintings, craft items and local souvenirs of Kenya housed in the markets. These are exquisitely prepared by the skilled local artists of Kenya. If you have a love for art and enjoy collecting these as a token of love and appreciation for Kenya and the artists of Kenya, then do shop to your heart’s content in these fine markets of the country. 

I don’t know about you though but I’m already making my 2020 bucket list. This is just simply amazing and has already started giving me ideas in my head.

I hope you had a good read. Thanks for staying with us on KENYA. We move on to RWANDA next week and I’m really excited.

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