Season 1, Episode 24

Hello! Welcome to another episode of Learn Africa. Today, I’d be showing you some of the attires worn by some selected tribes in Ethiopia. Enjoy your read.


The people of Oromo have different clothing which are designated for special days. They put on what is known as kitii on important days and lago on working days. Traditional Oromo men wear woya which are toga-like robes while the women wear wandabiti (skirts). Other people wear leather garments or animal skin robes.


The people of Amhara are known to live at high altitudes which is characterized by cold.

They wear the native attire which consist of Jodhpur trousers and a long shirt covered by a Gabi (a cotton material which is worn over the shoulders and upper body).

This attire is worn by both men and women, the styles vary with age groups. The Amhara tribe do not wear shoes although the ones at the city do put on shoes.


The traditional attire of the Somalis is greatly influenced by some factors such as sex, religion, age, region and occasion. Both genders have diverse traditional attire as they were what is known as garb.

The men wear a white cotton material wrapped around them like a skirt and a shawl, a sarong-like garment around the waist known as Macawiis.

The women never wear anything that is revealing as their garments are full-length varying with different styles and colours. They also wear Guntiino which is a long piece of cloth tied around the shoulder and draped to the waist.

See you on the next episode where we’d be looking at the Languages spoken and phrases by some tribes.

Edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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