There are over 100 languages spoken in the Republic of Chad in which there are two main languages widely spoken by her people; French and Chadian Arabic.

The Chadian Arabic language is the lingua franca of the people which is spoken by 40 – 60% of the total population of Chad, and is a version of the Arabic language which is also known as Shuwa or Suwa or Shua.

In today’s episode of Learn Africa, we’d be looking at some common phrases that you can use while visiting the country.


Hello – As-salaam-alaikum (formal)

Hello – Lale (informal)

How are you? – Inta afe (male), Inti afe (female)

I am fine – Ana afe

We are fine – Anina afe

Thank you – Chukkran

You’re welcome – Afwan

What is your name? – Inta Ousoum-ak-yatou (male),  Inti Ousoum-ki-yatou (female)

My name is… – Ana ousoumi…

Please – Min fadlak (male), Min fadlik (female)

Goodbye – Ma’assalama

Yes – Na’am

No – La

Where are you from? – Wen inta? (male), Wen inti (female)

What is this? – Da shunu?

These phrases look and sound easy, you can learn more of these phrases when you visit the Republic of Chad.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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