Hi guys hi guys, hope everyone is doing okay.

Let’s talk dreams, friends and circle…

I’m pretty sure you’ve head a lot of people tell you that your circle of friends matter and can influence a lot of decisions knowingly and unknowingly in your life. Thus, you need to be very intentional with the friends in your circle.

Now, while that is true, you’ll agree with me that you have some old friends that you go way back with. You don’t need to tell them about details of your personal life but you vibe and talk every now and then.

So I was on an errand one day and I was strolling back to my house and as usual my mind was wandering. In my head, I did some sort of comparison with their lifestyle and industry with mine. Then I caught myself and started thinking again. Pay attention to the next paragraph.

In life, nobody owes you a perception of your reality and nobody is going to create that for you. I’m talking career, vision, relationship, marriage…If you’re going to let mind games and comparisons win, that’s your loss sweetheart. Nobody owes you the fuel/drive for your vision. Nobody REALLY cares. Just like how some else’s vision will most likely not be your priority if you’re not benefiting greatly from it.

I’m just here to tell you today that the earlier you started picking logic over under-developed emotions in your headspace, the happier you’ll be with life. I hope the volume is loud enough😊

With love from Lois ❤️


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