Dear Christian,

Today’s short charge is from “Steven Furtick” and it’s something for you to really sit down, ponder and meditate on.

I’ll drop some thing to stir your spirit “Faith will never be logical”

In my meditation, I realized that Old testment women gave birth at 300,500. We see this because even if they weren’t mentioned, if you read genesis, Adam and the rest be having children at 500, 600 years.

OBVIOUSLY, women didn’t stop menstruating at 45-50 years until God shrank the lifespan of man.

Like I said, the day I got this light was something for me. Faith defies logic, if you’re ready to do the work.

2020 taught me that faith is a journey and this journey doesn’t always come with a timeline.

What am I saying?

Ph to Lagos by road sometimes you’ll get in by 2,3 or 4pm. Sometimes, 6,7 or even 10pm due to maybe bad road, traffic etc.

When your faith is tested, because it will be ah!You’ve already estimated the arrival of your expectation but unforeseen challenges like every other journey happens. Hang in there, you’ll get to your destination and your destination being that “GOD ‘MUST’ COME THROUGH FOR YOU”

Oh and before I forget, faith comes by “hearing” better hear God first, better double check with the Holy Spirit and be solid in your conviction before you act on your own and say faith.

Abraham was the father of faith. If you notice, before he took any faith-action, he heard from God.

“Sacrifice your son”, “leave this place, I will give you…”, “your wife will have a son” Before I forget again, you can’t hear from God without having a relationship with him.

Being a Christian in itself is exercising faith because you accepted salvation but you were not there when Christ died over 2,000 years ago. Hence, it’s okay to be selective about the things you decide to have faith for but don’t impose that believe on other believers because faith is in degrees that emanates from growing in christ. Happy Sunday.

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