TGIF GUYS😂. I was triggered on Wednesday. Today, I come in peace😊. Let’s talk brokenness and understand where vulnerability really stems from.

To be broken is to separate, to damage, sometimes, to shatter. One thing remains relatively significant, if you break a glass,

1. You can’t have that glass as it was.

2. To fix it, you’ll need an adhesive to hold it.

3. Without the adhesive, the glass in it’s broken state can’t stand on its own.

Little wonder why God loves a broken spirit and a contrite heart because here’s the dynamic: When situations break you, you run to God and he fixes you back, to be able to stand, you need him and the more you remain in him, whole, the stronger your parts and the more you give room for the glue to bond and hold you better.

A broken person is subject to what makes him whole “God”. Then it becomes easier to submit, to let his will override yours because it’s his glue (him) that guarantees your wholeness.

Which brings me to how I used to think vulnerability was a very huge component to accessing love in its truest form but I’m learning a lot from my christian walk and today, examining some prior sides to my life in comparison to the present; it dawned on me that to truly express love is to be broken.

And so our first call is to love God. Complete surrender, void of self sufficiency. It is from this love we learn how to love ourselves, finding ourselves in him, then loving our partners. Loving him is the standard and if we’re falling short of that standard by a wide margin without striving to attain it, then our definition of love is largely incomplete.

An incomplete love is a deficient love and a deficient love is no love at all!

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