TGIF guys, I’m wrapping up this week with a poetic piece from me to you😊. I’m hoping it makes your mind cross the boarders. 

I miss the days were my nursery school teacher would say ABAKILIKI and I’ll laugh with all my fallen teeth. The days were I would snuggle up to my dad at night while touching his elbows, they were always so cold and I loved them.

I miss the days were my mum, my sister and I will stay and just jump on the bed, I knew it to be fun back then. The days were my siblings and I would play detectives and make paper phones.
I miss the days were I would go to my balcony, put my fingers out and sing to this white bird “chekeleke give me one finger” and funny how I woke up the next morning to a white mark on my finger.

Ooh I miss the days were my sister and I would celebrate our dolls birthdays, make Garri cake, sew dresses,braid their hairs and cook with the stolen ingredients from my mothers kitchen.

Slowly, gradually, these memories began to get blurry. They never faded because for over 15 years , I never remembered everything in-depthly until recently.
Thinking about it, maybe adulthood crept in without giving childhood me a quick notice.

When did I start reading, having a personality, coming up with my thoughts? When did my innocent laughter start seeing the cracks of parenthood and when did I start giving fake smiles? At what point did I start telling people I was fine? when all I wanted to do was scream down all the walls I put up around me.

Trace it trace it, my mind screamed. My spirit went ahead but lost it’s way In the jungle of memories. My soul could nothing do and my heart, enclosed in the fragility of so much thoughts in itself. Still uncertain of where I lost my little self. However, basking in my present self. To the woman I’ve become. Though wishing I could strike exact chords to cause a balance and to know when this switch was made.

The young will grow old, the old will pass away.
What memories do you have. Some may hunt you, some unpleasant but you’re stuck with them either ways.
DRAW THE LINES, MARK THE DOTS. It’s never too late. Who says you can’t be the adult version of your little self? ,live out the memories you longed to have as a child, or replace hurtful memories with new incredible ones.
It all lies in YOUR DEFINITION, pick a struggle today.


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