Pretty sure everyone is excited and people who haven’t visited my blog In a while want to get the first hand gist for themselves. We also have the category of people that are surprised to hear this because they felt Lois was not the “dating” type.
Sorry to burst your bubbles guys, I got a BAE now🙂. I’ll describe him for you, quick advice “don’t let your mouth water too much” .

So let’s go down to the business of the day before I talk about him. We’re talking about the “future” today. You’ve prolly seen quotes like “live for the now”, “make every moment count”, “don’t think, just do” and the bulk of them. It baffles me that people still talk about the future like it’s far away🤦🏽‍♀️. The future is now guys.

What are you doing differently to be riding on eagles wings 5 years from NOW? what is the push you’re giving to your career NOW? Do you see yourself with that boyfriend walking down the aisle or you’re just passing time?What attitude will stop your opportunities in the nearest years? What mindset is killing you that you need to un-learn NOW?

One thing is prominent from everything said from the above guys, what you do NOW affects your later years. Hence, If the actions you take and what you do now, determines the supposed “far-away future”, I dare say “the future” is NOW. Thus, we must thread carefully, consciously and intelligently, we must also start creating positive habits and start dropping negative ones before it becomes too late.

Now talking about BAE😫😫😫😫😫
*clears throat* , the person I choose *Before Anybody Else is my future. I choose to invest in myself, know myself, love myself and develop myself in the view of becoming a better person and in the long run, creating a better “future” for me regarding my opportunities, how I’m treated and how my personality is perceived in the society and you can choose to do like wise too.

It’s never too late guys, the actual title for this post is “the future is bae”. Start taking your future as bae, don’t do anything that might hurt it, always acknowledge that it exists, pay attention to it, don’t side-line or cheat on it by putting irrelevant things before it. 😂BE FAITHFUL to it and in the end, YOU GO DEY ALRIGHT.


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