Happy new Month officially guys and Happy Sunday😊.
Drum rolls🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁. So I’m really excited today because it’s T.L.T (The Lois Talk) Blog birthday 😂. Sounds funny but yeah, it’s a thing and my baby is 2.

Just yesterday, I was trying to think back to the very first post I made 2 years ago and I can remember it had something to do with “ the clock and time ticking”. I even remember the spot and bed position, it was like what on earth am I going to be talking about. At first I used to post daily but now I post twice or thrice a week except I’m doing a book review so people don’t get tired and they can follow up.

Well, looking back if I were to explain the amount of growth that has occurred, you’ll most likely think I’m exaggerating. Writing has been one of my escape routes, my peace, it has taught me self development, it has made me curious to learn more in terms of learning and unlearning my ideologies, it has helped me put a check on myself because I try my best to live out the advice I dish out and In all it has made me a better person.

Still in the cause of these 2 years, I also branched into podcasting and yes a lot of structuring still needs to be done on both ends(just hang in there) but we’re taking it one step at a time basking in the happiness that we’ve grown from were we used to be in terms of better content creation and communication and we’re still growing.

A lot of people ask how I stay consistent, juggle school work and always have what to write. I tell them “we thank God for phone, we thank God for God and well, I think a lot out of the surface. I’m a very deep person in my thoughts”.
I could go on and on but I’ll just quickly say that it’s been 2 years and there’s over 200 self-written articles on my blog, with a lot of pictorial documentation and yes, we’re still exploring lifestyle. I just want to encourage someone out there; start that thing, implement that idea no matter how foolish it might sound or worse you don’t really have heads-way. There is no harm in testing the waters, it is in our foolish acts, failures and mistakes that we grow to be better.

Special thanks to all my readers and friends who encourage and support me. Y’all are the real MVP’s. Have a great week ahead guys. 


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